Office Space Rates

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For example, if your monthly rent is $917 and the office has 600 square feet of usable space, you’re paying $1.53 per square foot. Compare this rate to the rate at previous offices or potential sites to measure how much value you’re getting out of your monthly rent payment.

Government office space serves similar purposes to office space for private-sector employees. When you work for a government agency in an office job, you can expect to have a desk in a work station, cube or private office and for it to be roughly similar to space provided by another type of employer. In fact, the 21st.

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Here’s how much it costs to rent office space in iconic buildings around the U.S. and beyond.. Available units are currently leasing at an annual rate of $21.50 to $27 per square foot.

The Kansas City office market realized a slight drop in asking rental rates in the second quarter of 2019, while vacancy decreased 30 basis points over the past.

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Located above the Burgis MRT Interchange station, the commercial asset comprises 557,972 sqft of international premium.

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And in fact, those are portions that soon to be vacated Arby’s Wendy’s space. office products in our targeted submarkets. Each of these submarkets are mini-rich, have an easily accessible.

Most office buildings will provide lease options that are based on either a Gross or a Full Service agreement. This means that the rate quoted will include all the building operational expenses, such as insurance, taxes, maintenance, utilities, and other services.

That said, as we look at 2019, let's take a deeper look at a few key metrics: supply and demand, rental rate and vacancy performance, capital.

Get the downtown advantage. Downtown Little Rock has multiple opportunities for office projects seeking 20,000+ square feet of contiguous space with a maximum of 70,000 contiguous square feet with ample parking and excellent 360 degree views, including river vistas.

Entrepreneurs looking at creative office space. This is important to understand because if you are quoted a price of $1.25 per usable square.