What Is An Upside Down Mortgage

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If you’re upside down on your home, it means you owe more on your loan than your home is worth. Another term for this is negative equity.Below is a quick reference guide for people in this situation.

Negative Equity in the United States | HUD USER – Mortgages with negative equity – also known as “under water” or “upside down” mortgages – have myriad consequences for both households and communities.

What Happens to Your Mortgage in a Divorce |. – Divorce is a messy and emotional situation, and it can wreak havoc on your finances. One of the major assets that couples share is their home mortgage.

Divorcing With an Upside-Down Mortgage – ocdivorce.net – An upside-down mortgage is where the homeowner owes more on the house than what it’s worth – it usually happens when the real estate market dips or even tanks. An upside-down mortgage can back married couples in a corner when they want to get a divorce but can’t afford to sell the house because they owe more than the market value of the home.

Turn Your Upside-Down Mortgage  Right-Side Up! Mortgage modification – Wikipedia – Mortgage modification is a process where the terms of a mortgage are modified outside the original terms of the contract agreed to by the lender and borrower (i.e. mortgagee and mortgagor in mortgage states; trustee and Trustor in Trust Deed states). In general, any loan can be modified, and the process is referred to as loan modification or debt rescheduling

Understanding an Upside Down Mortgage | LegalMatch – An upside down mortgage is where an owner of a house owes more on the house than what the house is worth and is in negative equity. For example, if an owner owes $200,000 on a house, but the house value if worth only $180,000 than the owner has an upside down mortgage.

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Upside Down Home Sellers Owe More Than They Get Mortgage. – The last time large numbers of sellers found themselves "upside down" on their mortgages, or owing more than their houses were worth, was in.